We handle the whole cycle of and embedded electronic product, from the concept “on paper” to volume production.
Our service usually go through the following stages:


Device Concept

A project starts with a Engineering Proposal, a general overview of our proposed solution, schedule and budget, along with block diagrams, flowcharts or 3-D views.  Relevant parts might be defined at this stage as well.

Circuit Diagram

Circuit diagrams are supplied in PDF format, giving a closer view on the electronics,  logical connections and parts used, as well as other Engineering information that might be relevant for further development stages.

Board Layout

PCB layout is supplied in standard Gerber format.  For those with little background in PCB manufacturing, these files contain numerical information, required by CNC machines to build your printed circuit board.  Blueprints in PDF or other formats are also available, so that you can check out the layout.

Manufacturing Files

Bill of parts and Mounting Lists are supplied with each project, including part type, part IDs, manufacturer, part number, vendor name, vendor code, part description, quantity and reference pricing from well known American and Asian sources.


We supply firmware and source code in C or Assembly, for a wide range of platforms, from 8-bit micros to DSP or FPGA.  Remote support and firmware upgrades are also available on request.


We supply prototypes as proof-of-concept or pre-production boards, for demoing and testing.
Prototypes may include factory test routines for hardware debugging, through a serial/USB interface.


We have years of experience working with some of the best manufacturing partners from America and Asia, so we can source high quality, medium-to-high volume PCB manufacturing, as well as part sourcing and board assembly, mounting and factory programming, at competitive prices.